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Alexandre and Macha Pouchkine who live in Brussels are the last direct descendants of the world-renowned poet Alexandre A.S Pushkin.

In 1999 they created the International Pushkin foundation to honour of the memory of their celebrated great great grandfather with a view to popularising his work. As the founders, their aim for the foundation was that it become an important representative of Russian literary heritage. Its function was to promote various artistic, literary and cultural activities which are connected to the poet's work.

The absence of children a continual regret for Alexandre and Macha Pouchkine has nevertheless motivated them towards actions of compelling generosity, namely the sponsorship of the Children's Oncology Center in St. Petersburg. Every year they raise the funds which are required for the purchase of essential medication and equipment.

The activities of the Oncology Center and the Pushkin Foundation function in harmony. They are of course non profit-making.

The Pushkin Foundation has participated in numerous events as part of the festivities of the bicentennial of the birth of Alexandre Pushkin. The activities include the following:
  • The exposition Alexandre Pushkin and his era, in collaboration with the Cultural and Scientific Centre of the Federation of Russia and the Pushkin Museum of St.Petersburg.
  • The exposition Alexandre Pushkin, Prince of Poets in Brussels (1999).
  • The inauguration of the statue of the poet donated to the city of Brussels by the Russian Federation represented by Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov and Cultural Minister Wladimir Egorov.

In April 2003 a concert of classical music performed by Johan Schmidt (winner of the Queen Elizabeth competition) attracted a large number of people.

The year 2003 was the year of the tercentenary of the city of St. Petersburg. The Pushkin Foundation participated on many occasions and we will name just a few. On June 6 we collaborated with the National Theatre of the Communauté Wallonie-Bruxelles in the performance of the play Our Pushkin by the Studio Jeune -Theatre at the Pushkin Museum in St.Petersburg. The production was such a great success that it was re-run for three successive days.

On December 6 we organised a production of Gorki-Chekov and a fund-raising reception at the National Theatre in Brussels. Funds from the evening were allocated to the Children's Oncology Center in St. Petersburg.

In June 2004 the Pushkin Foundation organised a trip to St. Petersburg and surrounding area in its capacity as cementing Russian Belgian cultural relations. In the same year the Foundation published a bilingual (French Russian) compendium of a Russian author who lives in Belgium.

All the funds raised in these various activities are dedicated to our charity work.

International Pushkin Foundation - Avenue De Fré, 106/1 1180 Bruxelles
Tel. : 02/372.05.36 Fax. : 02/375.71.63
bank : ING 363-0232514-45
IBAN: BE44363 02325 1445     BIC: BBRUBEBB
Email : alexandre@pouchkine.org

La Fondation Internationale Pouchkine a pour but de populariser l'oeuvre du premier et plus important représentant du patrimoine littéraire russe et travaille à la promotion des activités artistiques, littéraires et culturelles liées à son oeuvre. La Fondation Internationale Pouchkine parraine le Centre d'Oncologie pour Enfants de Saint-Pétersbourg. Année après année, ils rassemblent les fonds nécessaires à l'achat primordial de médicaments et d'équipement médical. Site construit par Hendrik Claessens, irc